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Follow Your Fantasy – Release Day

On the day my erotica Follow Your Fantasy comes out, a plumber calls. I’m not yet dressed… Sounds like a scene from…an erotic book or a porn film. It’s a … Continue reading

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6 Things Men Do That You Never Knew

1. Pee sitting down The biggest advantage to having their bits on the outside isn’t such a plus if it means not being able to Tweet or check Facebook. In … Continue reading

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Karma. It’s a bastard, Nadella

Up in the sky, look: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s SuperCEO! Faster than a speeding retweet, more powerful than his female colleagues, able to leap monumental fuck ups … Continue reading

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Follow Your Fantasy** España

About four months ago (late to post) I got news from Harper Collins that they had had an offer in for the Spanish language rights to Follow Your Fantasy. I … Continue reading

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You’re not a feminist just because you…

It’s too long since I’ve blogged here. Really written something. But maybe I just haven’t been angry enough. I find pure rage often makes for that sweet flow of inspiration. … Continue reading

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The Disappearing Blogger

I know I look like a recalcitrant blogger but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve got others, one of which I post to all the time, one weekly … Continue reading

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Why Americans are better at dating than us

Even just denoting a meet up as a “date” makes a Brit uncomfortable, let alone using it as a verb to describe an activity we partake of. As soon as … Continue reading

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How to date like an American

Admittedly this post is half gleaned from American TV shows and half from American friends’ experiences since I did have an American boyfriend once but he was about as Anglo … Continue reading

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