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Follow Your Fantasy – Release Day

On the day my erotica Follow Your Fantasy comes out, a plumber calls. I’m not yet dressed… Sounds like a scene from…an erotic book or a porn film. It’s a … Continue reading

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Men – what do YOU think of erotica?

Common wisdom would have us believe that women read erotica and men watch porn. Plenty of women are happy to admit they watch porn but fewer men say they read … Continue reading

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Woman, know thyself

One of the Vagina Monologues, called the Flood, tells the tragic story of an older woman recalling her first and only sexual experience, so traumatic for her that she never … Continue reading

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Erotica Massage

He leaves me to undress. I know the routine by now and he doesn’t even have to ask. I strip to the waist, hang my clothes up and lay face … Continue reading

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Metro review!

What a list to be in! “Follow Your Fantasy stands out from the crowd”

March 30, 2014 · 2 Comments

Condoms in Follow Your Fantasy

There aren’t any. I’m realising it’s best to be upfront about that. Because I’ve now had two reviews where it’s been an issue for the reader. For them, as in … Continue reading

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Cheese Girl

My little quest for Sexy Ben, as ran in the Mancunion following my blog post, Manchester University’s student newspaper could be taken the wrong way by Sexy Ben – we’ll … Continue reading

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A very English encouragement

Last year, when I was looking for an agent or publisher for Follow Your Fantasy, I lost some pitching libido around May. I’d met a guy around March who was … Continue reading

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