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How to date like a farang

        Asia is a long and expensive flight away but if you’re struggling to find women at home because you’re a complete loser, the farang (Westerner] in … Continue reading

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Dear P

Dear P, I shouldn’t write this, you’ll think I’m desperate. Or weird. But I’ve been able to think of nothing else since we spoke. Two weeks and three days ago, … Continue reading

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Free erotic fiction on your kindle: A guide

Originally posted on thebigdawgblawg:
Got a kindle? Good. Tried downloading the free dirty books that are available on it? No? I have, here’s what’s in store. “Short Erotic Tales” by…

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How to date like a younger man

I’m not sure what age it starts to happen that the pool of available men extends ten years in either direction although the legal implication of that statement will have … Continue reading

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How to date like a cheat

No matter the nationality or predisposition towards matching denim jeans and jackets, dating like a cheat  is attainable by both genders. Rule Number One Pursue, pursue, pursue. You can put … Continue reading

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How to date like a Turkish man

Dating like a Turkish man is a solid route to success with women due to its unlikely connection with Fifty Shades of Grey. Take out the S&M — the Turkish … Continue reading

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