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Dear P

Dear P,

I shouldn’t write this, you’ll think I’m desperate. Or weird.

But I’ve been able to think of nothing else since we spoke. Two weeks and three days ago, you told me I was special, how much you loved me, you talked of our future together. We planned to meet, I picked out what I’d wear. It was going to be everything I dreamed it would be.

Maybe I got a bit carried away but I thought THIS time, after all those failed attempts, finally someone wanted me. Then there were a couple of emails, a couple of Tweets, I sent you those pictures you said you wanted.

And then you just went silent.

I didn’t know what was going on. I checked my email ten times an hour, I couldn’t concentrate, I didn’t know if I’d ever hear from you again. After a few days I emailed you and suggested, again, that we meet… but I just got your out of office auto reply.

I waited patiently but you didn’t even write when you got back to work.

The suspicion grew – had you got bored, decided I wasn’t so special after all, changed your mind, found someone else?

So I wrote again this morning, just in case my casual email had got buried in your inbox. I know you must be inundated with offers but all those things you said about how excited you were about me. Some of it was true… wasn’t it?

Publisher, please! Tell me you haven’t forgotten me. Tell me it’s not all been a dream.



*** Disclaimer: My email had got buried in her inbox. They do want to meet me. It is happening. But I only stopped being paranoid about it when I got the reply last night. However, it was just like thinking you had an amazing date and then never hearing from them again. I can only assume ;)

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