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Rate your date

One more** date of the nice-enough-to-not-remember-a-single-thing-about-it-half-an-hour-after-it-finished variety.

This wouldn’t have merited a post but something he did at the end awakened something in me. Something long dormant – at least since the last one of these I went on.

Something that cannot be tamed by any man.

Something that burns and drives me wild.

Something I have to release….

…Mild despair.

Yes, this one doesn’t even warrant passionate scorn.

What was it? He asked for feedback at the “Nice to meet you/ You too” parting of the ways.

So, you want to meet again? You had a good time? You enjoyed? Everything was OK?

imagesMaybe this is partly, partly, down to the linguistic difficulties at the awkward entry and exit points of a pre-date meet up. People can fluff this bit and babble past the place where the full stop would be in their mother tongue.  I hope it’s that. As what can it really achieve? No way am I going to tell the truth whether I really liked or was numbly indifferent to the guy. And, presumably, if it had gone stars in their eyes well, we would both have known it so no question needed.

I asked (nicely, humorously, ego preservingly) if he wanted me to write a report and said that OK Cupid (the site I use) should offer a feedback service or something like Linked In. Which got me thinking, long after whathisname had gone  off to buy socks and brown envelopes, this could be really helpful in OKC.

So looks, clothes, conversation could be categorised rather than rated since my tastes and anyone else’s differ so widely that a 9 for me is a 2 for you. And then some more binary categories like:

  • Did his/her profile accurately show what he looked like and was it  a fair representation of his/her personality?
  • Did he/she pay?
  • Did he/she try it on?
  • Did he/she ask you back to his/hers?
  • Did he/she have a girl/boyfriend that’s not mentioned on his/her profile? etc

Then we could  categorise and rate dates  like Amazon’s  Other Customers Bought function. “If you liked the date with A, you might like the date with B”. There’d be no scoring or place to just bitch and attempt to destroy that bastard that dumped you so no other woman will touch him, but just a way to pass on information that might help them meet someone that’s actually right for them.

So, in that spirit here is his feedback form.

Clothes: Very casual, jeans turn ups, trainers.

Looks: Average.

Conversation: Books/publishing, other cities in Spain, his job, Mayor of Madrid, ridiculous Spanish laws and restrictions making self employment and having own company difficult. (I learned something in this part).

  • Did his/her profile accurately show what he looked like and was it  a fair representation of his personality? Looks=yes, profile = yes
  • Did he/she pay? Yes
  • Did he/she try it on? No
  • Did he/she ask you back to his? No
  • Did he/she have a girl/boyfriend that’s not mentioned on his/her profile? etc Seemingly not

If you want me to set you up, drop me a line.



** There are a string of posts about internet dates I’ve been on but they’re temporarily off the blog for the moment. Just until the lawsuit is settled.


2 comments on “Rate your date

  1. christine
    September 12, 2013

    How slack – would have thought a professional site would have this anyway so as to be able to boast about their results or at least see how they could improve as a business.

    • Nicola
      September 12, 2013

      I have never heard of one that does but it’s not a bad idea!I wonder if people would really use it though.Would they not like it if a person had lots of reviews,that they’d been on too many dates therefore xyz?….or could you have an independent site like trip adviser that users of any site could opt into and invite dates to use….date adviser…omg,think have great idea!

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